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What do we do?

individually designed

Our accessories are hand drawn with colored pencils!

custom orders encouraged

Have your dream design in mind? 

Make it a reality. We offer custom designs starting at only $15.

We go above and beyond to ensure you receive quality handmade items as quickly as possible!

friendly customer service

Quality customer service is our top priority! We strive for fast shipping and quick responses. 


Custom Orders start at $15

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About Me

    Hello! I'm Angie. I have loved all art forms since I was in preschool. I enjoyed every art class growing up and dreamed of becoming an animator for Disney! 

    Time went on and life lead me down a different path (as it often does). I got married and had a beautiful daughter. At the time, I was a barista and was required to wear all black to work and simultaneously wasn't allowed to wear my beloved dangly earrings either.

    Craving some self-expression in my wardrobe, I started making myself stud earrings with various colors and designs. My family and friends loved them, and my husband gave me the ultimate push to start my own business. Thus, Willett Studios was born!